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Evoking Emotion ~ Sydney Fragrance

Evoking Emotion ~ Sydney Fragrance
February 11, 2016 Jai Evans
In Candles, Sydney Fragrance

More than ever before, people are seeking lifestyles that align with their passions. Lives that allow the mind to connect with all the experiences life has to offer. We do this through our travels, our relationships, our curiosities, our adventures – and our emotions.


Our busy lives and modern technologies have opened the door to not only understand different cultures, but to identify the many similarities we share with one another. Sights, sounds and scents ~ are universal. Something money can’t buy, they belong to us all.

More so than any of our senses, our sense of smell has the power to evoke emotion. A scent can transport us back to a moment in time; fleeting, fragrant and almost-forgotten…

Sydney Fragrance is more than a candle company. It’s a lifestyle; an emotion.

The brainchild of creative director and style aficionado, Jai Evans, Sydney Fragrance inspired by the unique style of one of the world’s most stunning and eclectic cities. Sydney’s scents have been captured to transport you back to a time, a place, an emotion, a style; and for those yet to visit; a sensorial escape, a tantalising taste of what could be.

Marrying an affordable collection of luxury fragrances with the uniquely Australian lifestyle; Sydney Fragrance ensures you don’t need a plane, a yacht or a grand home. You just need a match and an imagination.

Light it and we’ll take you there…

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