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  • The Art Of Candle Burning

    In an age full of complicated technologies and video games, those of us at Sydney Fragrance are dedicated to educating you on some of the more simple delights that life has to offer. A beautiful glass jar and a scented candle, for instance. Easy, affordable – and elegant. A fragrance can transform a space and if you close your eyes,

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  • Evoking Emotion ~ Sydney Fragrance

    More than ever before, people are seeking lifestyles that align with their passions. Lives that allow the mind to connect with all the experiences life has to offer. We do this through our travels, our relationships, our curiosities, our adventures – and our emotions. Our busy lives and modern technologies have opened the door to not only understand different cultures,

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    Sydney Fragrance & Akira Isogawa delight and inspire our senses at Mercedes Fashion Week Sydney Sydney Fragrance officially launched it’s collection of fashion candles yesterday at Akira Isogawa’s show at MBFWA 2015. Using scent to evoke emotion, fragrance completed the traditional visual and aural feast that is Fashion Week. Guests at Isogawa’s show were transported from Carriageworks to a crisp,

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